Linear bearing LME30UU<

Specifications Brand LOTTON Bearing Number LME30UU Weight 272 Dimensions Nominal shaft diameter(mm) 30 Resin retainer LMUU LME30UU Ball circuit 6 Weight(g) 325 LMUU-AJ LME30UU-AJ Ball circuit 6 Weight(g) 320 LMUU-OP LME30UU-OP Ball circuit[…]

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Good news! We just finish manufacture our customer oder of 53<

Good news! We just finish manufacture our America customers oder of 5306! We just share some photos with you.[…]

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Small bearing "turn" out of the big market<

Two ring, a few grains of steel ball, and a cage, a few simple components to form a bearing. In ordinary peoples view, small bearing seems extremely unusual, but when it is a treasure to LOTTON. Through to the bearing groove curvature coeffi[…]

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