WHY a Bargain?

QC & Inspection

Factory are more focused on the quality of big quantity. Also easier for us to arrange people from process quality control to inspection prior to the shipment.

Competitive price

Production for small quantity cost much higher. Add quantity in the production schedule usual cost no higher. Inspection fees shared and usually not charged.


Bulk quantity purchase don’t have to wait for other orders to combine production, less influenced by parts delivery time and material. Delivery time more stable


Besides from the QC and inspection, mass quantity orders are usually fast moving, good for safety stock.


All new items and bulk quantity purchase, selective quality inspection is provided free of charge. To view previous promotion and get bulk quantity bearing discount information, require by email

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Customer Service

  • Choosing a proper bearing.
  • Designing a bearing and make drawings
  • Additional quality checking
  • Consult a specific factory information
  • Order Tracking

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